WW2 Firewatchers

We are taking part in an exhibition at the Sub Rooms for the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Due to heavy censorship, documented evidence about WW2 is scant. The following quotes are from the Church Minute Book in early 1941. Do you have any memories, stories or information?

“NOTE The fire-watching squad met later in the month outside the church and Capt. Forster attended and a practical demonstration was given of the working of the hose and the stirrup pumps: a ladder had been borrowed from Mr Shaylor and squad by this means explored the danger points of the church roof and how to tackle the various problems involved.”

Fire-watching – “The Rector promised to have his garden-but transferred to the bottom of his garden: this, with a store of deck chairs would be a comfortable pied-a-terre for the watcher on duty … Messrs. Rodway and F.E Miller promised to do the necessary spadework: as regards the ladder loaned by Mr Shaylor it was considered necessary to go to the expense of purchasing this, a course very much favoured by the owners and the Rector promised to see Mr Shaylor on the question.”