The Red Lion, Swells Hill

Known to be operating as a beer house / inn from 1869-1939. The building appears on the 1840 tithe map.

First noted landlord was Henry Philpotts in 1871. By 1881 he had moved on to the Port Inn at Brimscombe.

In 1875 the pub was described in a press report regarding a court case about stolen cloth when Henry Philpotts “stick turner, living at the Red Lion at Stockingbridge” was a witness. Another witness stated that he was there at 11am, and “I had been there since 8 o’clock … There were about a dozen to twenty of us in the room, or rather it was an old malt house … Rogers and Partridge played at skittles.”

The neighbouring farm and farmhouse were occupied by John Jefferies senior and his family, including John Jefferies junior, who by 1891 was keeping the Red Lion Beerhouse and working as a farmer. Still there in 1901, his occupation was beer retailer and butcher. John died in 1903 and his widow Annie took on the license with her son Edward as pot man.

In 1939 the Gobeys were inn keepers, but in the same year the pub owned by Stroud Brewery, had the license adjourned. It was noted to be well-conducted, but business was poor, accommodation limited and location not suitable for vehicle access, and four other licensed premises  were within reasonable distance.