Rodborough men & women serving (enlisted) in WW1

Names are listed under separate alphabetical tabs.

Compiled from various sources as snippets of information were noted:

  • Some of it comes from noting those men with a military record among the estimated 40% that survived the bombing of the war office in the Second World War.
  • Some names are from lists added as a Roll of Honour to the local papers as men enlisted.
  • As the war progressed both the Stroud News and the Stroud Journal (separate papers then) ran chatty columns with news of men serving.
  • In 1916 the Derby Scheme of conscription was under way and men were required to register. Some names have come from these records and may not necessarily mean that those men were called up or passed as fit for service.
  • In 1920 the Stroud News compiled a book ‘Stroud and the Great War’ with indexed references to excerpts of their reporting during this period.
  • Some names come from the 1918 absent voters list.

However, as eventually most relatively young men were involved, it is inevitable that some names will be omitted here.