Our archive now amounts to thousands of photos. Many of these can be view on our Remembering Rodborough Facebook page. Here we will display a changing gallery of a few random images from the collection. We would love to hear from you if you have any more information or photos.

View from Tabernacle Walk – undated
Where and when was this taken?
Rodborough Tabernacle 1960s
Rectory Gardens 1920s
Rodborough Youth Club at the Endowed School – 1960s
The former Princess Royal c 2007
Rodborough Community Hall opening 1993
The Old Rectory – sold in 1957 when the new Rectory on Walkley Hill was purchased.

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New engines at Lodgemoor Mill 1873
An old view from Ashcroft Terrace, Lightpill
Rodborough Jazz Band – late 1930s
Frome Hall Mill – unknown date
Tennis court in a garden in Frome Park Avenue – courtesy of Howard Beard
Wedding party at Butterrow West 2011
Queen Mary’s visit to Erinoid Home Guard
Butterrow Pike
Cope Chat Football team copyright Gloucestershire Gazette
Erecting the maypole at the foot of Rodborough Common around the turn of the 20th century

Coronation Road 2009
Preparation for Sainsbury’s early 1990s
Redler’s children’s party, undated. Copyright of Gloucestershire Gazette
Frome Hall House – 17c house with 18c additions demolished in the early 1980s.
Fromehall Park

Rodborough Friendly Circle 1950s
Rodborough Fete Rectory Gardens 1950s