The Princess Royal, Butterrow West

Photos of the Princess Royal

Memories of the Princess Royal;

This is from an interview with George Evans recorded in 2009

“(Tom Spicer) remembers on a Sunday, blokes knocking off (from the allotment) at twelve and going for a pint at the … that right?”

Yeh.  Yes.  That’s correct.”

“They could leave their tools outside, that right?  Safe as houses as it were.”

“In later years in the 60s we had a parrot – an African grey – and by then we moved along to Princess Royal Cottages, just next door to the pub.”

“Oh, right.”

“And we used to put the parrot outside in his cage, in the sun and he mimicked the twelve-o-clock chimes and you could see everybody on the allotments coming up.”

“So the parrot used to bring them up?”

“Yeh.  They found they was too early, but Reg Barnard in them days he just said “Come on in.””