Rodborough Scout group was formed at Rodborough Tabernacle in 1909 by Rev. Ernest Watson, assisted by Fred Daniels and Frank Shaylor. One of the first Scouts was Mr Fred Hatton who was guest of honour at the 80th birthday celebrations in 1989

This greetings card was donated by Fred Hatton. It was sent from the troop to former Rodborough Scouts who were serving in the First World War


This very early photo show Rodborough Scouts taking part in the Tabernacle pageant in 1910.

A meeting for younger boys began in 1914 and in 1916 became the first registered Rodborough Cub Pack.

In 1918 Charles Knee, Assistant Scoutmaster died of wounds in the First World War.

Charlie Knee, centre, c1916


The Scout Master was Mr Cyril Taylor and his ASM was Mr Harold Haines. The summer camp was held at Cranham.


Mr Harold Gazzard became Scout Master of two patrols, Bulldogs and Peewits, later Mr Haines became Scout Master.

Cub Masters were Miss Nellie Watts and Miss Daisy Smith and Mr Wally Cawthorne, a former Patrol Leader became Assistant.

The GSM was Rev. Watson.

The Wolf Cub Pack was led by Mr Mervyn Short with Mr Lionel Carter assisting.

The Re Lawrence Miller formed an extra Scout troop at The Endowed School.

Summer camps were held in 1935 at Porlock, Somerset

Raymond Sollars, Harry Haines

1936 at Westward Ho, Devon

Wesward Ho 1936
x, x, Wally Cawthorne, Mervyn Short
Westward Ho 1936
“Morning dip with help”

and 1937 at Weymouth, Dorset.

Scout camp 1937 Weymouth – no names supplied

In 1937 the Rover Den was built and opened by Colonel W.F. Walton HQ Commissioner for the Rover Scouts. Mr Lionel Daniels became the Rover leader.

1939 St George’s Day Parade leaving Stratford Park, Rodborough Scouts with standard.
Cub Pack 1938/9 Leader Lionel Carter. Back row: John Blick, Norman Blandford, Fletcher, Jim Bullimore, David Miles. Front row: x, David Phillips, x, Frank Harry?, X, Gunter

1939-45 Second World War

Some Rover Scouts joined the Armed Forces, others joined the District Scout Air Raid Precaution / Messenger Service centred at the Rover Den.

During the 1940s Eric & Lionel Daniels led efforts to reestablish the Group back to strength. Rev. Watson died in 1942.

After WW2

By 1946 there was a mixed troop of Scouts and Sea Scouts. the latter led by Mr K. Jarvis (Tarka) and Mr Norman Blandford became ASM.

1947 camp at Youlbury, Oxford

1947 Youlbury camp, best patrol Tony Wheeler, Barry Chapman, David Fowler, John Riddle.


In 1948 a small plantation of trees was was placed on Rodborough Common to mark the visit in 1915 of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. It is marked by a brass plaque.


The Group now known as 2nd Rodborough Scouts met under the Little Chapel in the former stables, above had been the coach house.

Lionel Daniels tragically died in a car accident in 1957. He had been head of the family firm T.H & J. Daniels and his death was a great loss to the district.

Eric (Skip) Daniels became GSL assisted by Bob Simmons, Tom Tanner and Kevin Shillham and with Cubs by Peter Howe.

1953 camp at Crickhowell names below.
Ron Cook and Tom Tanner, 1953 Crickhowell camp


Eric Daniels continued as GSL but tragically he too died in another car accident. For a time Peter Howe and John Marks stepped into the breach, with cubs led by Mr D.J. Holford and later Mrs Marks. Eventually Mr Wally Cawthorne who had been an ADC for Scouts was called upon to become Rodborough’s GSL.


Mr Wakefield took over as GSL, with Mr W (Prof) Alltimes leading the Scouts with Mike swayne as ASL.

In 1972 Len Scarrot became GSL and Ernie Major became the Scout leader. Due to the baby boom of the 60s and new housing in the parish numbers swelled. There was a full Scout Troop and two Cub Packs, one using the Rover Den.

Torbay camp 1975
Youlbury Camp 1976


Angus Townley receiving the Chief Scout’s Award – Probably 1977 as the Scouts appear to be wearing the Queen’s Silver Jubilee badges. Scouts L to R; Steve Webb, Adrian Bingle, Angus Townley & Richard Evans. The district commissioner giving the award is Tony Howarth. John Daniels (of T, H & J Daniels engineering) Group Chairman at back. Copyright Gloucestershire Gazette.

Regular summer camps were held at Youlbury, near Oxford, Southampton, Warwickshire and elsewhere.

1978 – leaving the Cockpits for Youlbury
1978 – ready to leave for Youlbury