Rodborough Home Front

Home Guard

Can you recognise anyone on these photos? (Copyright Peckham’s of Stroud)

Daniel’s Home Guard – A
Daniel’s Home Guard – B
Daniel’s Home Guard – C
Erinoid Home Guard – copyright Peckham’s of Stroud, with thanks to Annie Blick

Hubert Fletcher who was Foreman of the Redler Machine Shop is seated first left.
Thanks to Maureen Arthur for the picture. Does anyone have an original copy?

Maureen Arthur has sent us these pictures and says
“We lived in Kingscourt Lane & I think the Home Guard local H.Q. was based in Woodchester – exercises took place in Woodchester Park.
On the Home Guard photo my Dad (Evan Hogg) is wearing a stretcher-bearer’s armband & seated on the ground front right. He was a big, strong man but deemed unfit for military service owing to varicose veins and a badly ulcerated ankle which had been caused by the kickstart on his motorbike backfiring.
This is Evan Hogg’s certificate for working at Sperry’s Gyroscope Co., Stonehouse on vital war work…the M.D.’s signature has faded.

Special Police

Thanks to Howard Beard