Butterrow School

Opened on 28th June 1880 as a new building with 112 pupils.  William Dawkins (1852-1933) was appointed schoolmaster and Alfred Apperly was Chairman of the Board.  Mr Dawkins lived in the Board School House there, moving in with two children and eventually being father of eight, his daughter Gwendoline later became a pupil teacher at Butterrow. William Dawkins was know to remain as head in 1914.

This image was published in The Citizen’s ‘Bygone Gloucestershire’ in 1990
Stroud Journal Feb 1902

The second head appears to have been Mr W Barrett who was called up for military service in 1916 and returned to his post after the war. He was still in post in 1924.

1922 or 1923


Mrs Mary Barbosa (1889-1975) was head from before 1933 to 28th March 1947.

Miss Evelyn Howell was a later head of the school.


The school was closed in 1965 and is now a private residence.

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