1st Rodborough Brownies

The 1st Rodborough Brownies began in 1916

They are pictured below in 1919 (Thanks to Sue Bowden)


This is Beatrice Daniels in 1919. Labelled in the Guides records as the youngest Brownie aged 4 (Courtesy of Sue Bowden)

Maureen Arthur has memories of the 1st Rodborough Brownies from 1945 and of the 2nd Rodborough Brownie Pack.

MEMORIES of 1st & 2nd RODBOROUGH BROWNIES by Maureen Arthur

2nd Rodborough Brownies

Thought to be 1963/4 Nancy Cawthorne as Brown Owl.
Rodborough Brownies with their model of Westminster Abbey, taken on Rodborough Common while celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee at an event at Bownham. Leaders Jo Lusty & Jean Walwin. (Copyright Gloucestershire Gazette)
2nd Rodborough Brownies c1985. 20th Anniversary. Ruth Mills, Tawny Owl on Right (Copyright Gloucestershire Gazette)

3rd Rodborough Brownies

The 3rd Rodborough Brownies began in 1977 are still in operation.



Many of the photos below have come to us unlabelled from the archive of the Gloucestershire Gazette. Can you identify which group they are and date them?

Early 70s? Pat Day next to Doreen Edmunds (Copyright of Gloucestershire Gazette.


Undated. Possibly c1971. Copyright of Gloucestershire Gazette


Tabernacle Bazaar – undated. Copyright Gloucestershire Gazette.
Brownies at Frogmore House, Nursing Home 1996