January 1911

Reporting of a presentation in December 1910 to Sir Alfred Apperly at Dudbridge Mills, following the opening of new weaving sheds and long-service medals awarded to employees.

27th January 1911

Mr G. Ford, foreman of weaving shed retired after 42 yrs at Dudbridge Mills.

17th February 1911

Curio exhibition and sale of work at Rodborough Tabernacle

10th March 1911

Silver Wedding of Mr & Mrs A.J Turner of Lower Mills Lodge, Dudbridge

10th March 1911

Butterrow Cricket Club

The license of the Golden Fleece on The Butts was transferred to the Prince Albert, signalling the closure of one of the district’s beerhouses

28th April 1911

Rodborough makes its own plans to celebrate the coronation , independent of Stroud.

Death of local builder and undertaker William Shaylor of Field Terrace.

2nd June 1911

Jack Chandler was injured in an accident and conveyed to hospital in Sir Alfred Apperly’s motor car.

And Walter Hyde left Lightpill Ironworks for Canada.

30th June 1911

Lightpill Coronation festivities. (The Coronation of George V took place on 22nd June).

Rodborough celebrated and Rodborough Fort and Church were illuminated.

And a children’s treat was held at Fromehall Park.

14th July 1911

Fire at the Wallbridge premises of Albert Ashmead, wheelwright, carpenter and undertaker.

18th August 1911

Dudbridge Preparatory School.

8th September 1911

Dispute over commoners’ rights, Rodborough Manor and responses – William Bathe.

13th October 1911

Near-drowning at Dudbridge Locks – goodness, was the boy OK in the longer term?

24th November 1911

Dorothy Payne’s dog was found without a collar at The Butts.