1935 aerial view of the Dudbridge Hill estate.
Dudbridge Hill. The Police car registration dates from 1987. Also of note is the man on the roof and the apparent lack of any safety precautions!

In the 1990s significant development took place in Dudbridge

Dudbridge, opposite Redlers 1990
Probably late 1980s. The white building was the former Bridge Inn, on the right had been Sandling’s basket makers and the smaller front buildings later a ‘corner shop’ run by the Peaceys.
The former Sandling’s basket makers.

Sainsbury’s development 1990s

And in the middle of the Sainsbury’s site an elderly lady and a mill stood firm.

Kimmins Mill 1920s
Kimmins Mill during the construction of sainsbury’s


The indomitable Eileen Halliday aged 79 in 1997, when she stood against Sainsbury’s attempt to demolish her cottage in Meadow lane Dudbridge to construct their car park. Copyright of Gloucestershire Gazette

Click here – Eileen Halliday – Daily Mail 7th March 1997

Cottage named Kimmins Mill View, was demolished for the construction of Sainsbury’s car park. Possibly part of Park View Cottages
Plan of the proposed Sainsbury’s site.