These excerpts are from the Stroud Journal – an alternative perspective may be seen from the reporting in the Stroud News.


The Lightpill Orchestra played for the Prince Albert Bowling Club dance. Does anyone have any more information about them?

Six cottages offered for sale at Stroud View Terrace, Butterrow

Rodborough Working Men’s Golf Club

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Stroud Journal 27th Feb 1920




An auction was advertised at the Golden Cross



Mr J.E Daniels was selling Victoria Villas and Park Cottages in Spillmans Rd / Pitch

Stroud Journal 04.06.1920

Damage to the mowing grass in Rodborough Fields, property of Farmer James was dealt with by Stroud Police Court.

Stroud Journal 18.06.1920


Fundraising was underway to built a war memorial hall (clearly it never materialised!).

Stroud Journal 16th July 1920



Eva (Queenie) Hatton of The Butts was given away by her brother Fred who was also recently married.

Stroud Journal 01.10.1920


The gardening exhibition was first held during the First World War as a result of Food economy measures.

A photo of this event in 1920 appears on the Rodborough School page


At the end of November Rodborough’s War Memorial in the Parish Church was dedicated