Haggett A.

Serving 2nd Glos Rgt 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Haines Albert Edward

Bath Rd. Machine gun Squadron Cavalry. , late of the 2nd Dragoon Guards. Home on leave looking well long  and trying experience in the trenches. Left for duty in France in August 1914, where he has been from the retirement from Mons to the battle of the Somme.  (Stroud Journal 09/02/1917)

Haines Arthur

… Stoker of Butterrow. he has only been in the Navy six weeks, but has already gone half-way around the world. (Stroud Journal 22/11/1918)

Haines Fred – Dudbridge

Enlisted – ASC Mechanical transport- Stroud Journal 16/04/1915

Haines Thomas

The Butts. Discharged unfit 1917

Haines William Herbert

Sergeant. Son of the late bandsman WT Harris, 27th Inniskillings and Mrs Haines, Bath Rd, Stroud, married Emily Kate Crosby of Horns Rd, Stroud on Dec 27th 1915 at Holy Trinity church. (Stroud News 31/12/1915)

Hall Charles

Stroud Journal 17/1/1919

Another successful one who has well-earned his discharge, is Charles Hall of Dudbridge, who in previous times worked at the ironworks there. He has done 3 years of trench service of the real bitter sort with the South Wales Borderers, then contracting a bad dose of flu, subsided into hospital from whence he received his ticket.

Hall H.J

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Halling Albert Edward

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Rd)

Halling Raymond

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Pitch)

Hancock Alfred William

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Harding Mark Willliam

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Harris Albert Edward

Serving 5th Glos Rgt 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Rd)

(A.E Harris listed as served in R.A.M.C. on Holloways Bros. War Memorial)

Harris A.H.

Harris Archibald Percy

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Harris H.J

Serving 5th Glos Rgt. 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Harris Harold

Stroud Journal 10/01/1919

Another prisoner of war home is Harold Harris of Bath Rd, known affectionately by his confreres as Dony. He was one of the finest soccer players that ever turned out for the Rodborough Old Boys one of the Craft School boys one of the smartest, cleverest playersNow unfortunately, he has lost a leg, which was poisoned by German shrapnel and taken off by them. In spite of this his heart is with the rolling leather sphere and we confidently expect to see him following the national game one way or other.

Hathaway Harry

Hathaway Norman Tom

Butterrow. Enlisted – Stroud Journal 30/04/1915

1918 absent voter (Court Bank)

Hatton Frederick Herbert

Frederick Herbert Hatton, of The Butts, married Dorothy May Summers, also of The Butts in August 1920

Haynes Walter Watkins

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

1918 absent voter (The Butts)

 Hawkes Henry Alfred

1918 absent voter (Dudbridge Rd)

Hawkins E.

Serving 5th Glos Rgt. 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920

Hawkins Frederick Arthur

Hawkins J

Hawkins John Philip

1918 absent voter (Field Rd)

Haynes W.W

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Heaven Tom

Born 1896, joined the Royal Navy in 1916 and served at training and shore establishments (HMS Vivid and HMS Sandhurst) until demobilised in 1919.

Tom Heaven taken in 1917. Later Tom lived at Rock View Cottage, The Butts and he was there until the mid 1980s.

Stroud Journal 24/01/1917

Engine Room Artificer Heaven, son of Mr Heaven tailor of Bath Rd, who was on a few days leave. Fine build chappie of close on 6 ft, yet quite a youngster. Looks quite knobby in naval outfit too. Is anxious to get back to somewhere around Owens Ferry to get his ticket. He joined while an apprentice with Messrs. Whitfields Engineers of Cainscross.

Heaven Ward (known as Peter)

Born 1899. Served in the 1st Battalion Devon Regiment and on demobilisation in November 1919 was placed on the Z Reserve list. Brother of Tom and of Percy Heaven who is listed on Rodborough’s war memorial.

Peter Ward Heaven c1917

Hebbourn Frank

Lightpill Enlisted RE at Gloucester. (Stroud Journal 19/1/1915)

Hemming Frank

Dudbridge. Gunner RGA Portsmouth (Stroud Journal 22/06/1917)

Hemming Ronald

Dudbridge. Enlisted 13th Glos (Stroud Journal 22/10/1915)

Herbert Harry Vincent

Heskins Frank

Mrs Heskins, Moor View, Kingscourt was pleased to receive a card last week from her son, Pte. Frank C. Heskins of 1/5th Yorks, stating that he is a prisoner in Germany, wounded and in hospital, not having heard from him for nine weeks. (Stroud Journal 02/04/1918)

Herbert Harry Vincent

Hick R.

Serving 3rd Glos Rgt 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Hill E.W

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Hill Fred

Hill George William

1918 absent voter (Rooksgrove)

Hill Wally

Hillier Sidney Arthur

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Hitchens A.

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Hodges E.

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Hodges G.

Hodges M.C.H

Hogan William

Hogan W.

Listed as serving Stroud News 1915

Hogg Frank

1918 absent voter (Court Bank)

Holbrow Lewis Daniel

1918 absent voter (Dunkeld, Butterrow)

Holder Charles William

1918 absent voter (Golden Cross)

Holder Henry James

1918 absent voter (Lower Spillmans)

Holland E.C

Serving 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Hopkins Albert Maitland

Kingscourt. Moved to Uplands. ‘Under standard chest measurement’

1918 absent voter (Kingscourt)

Hopkins Frederick

1918 absent voter (Gastrells)

Horton Charles Edward

Rodborough Enlisted (Stroud Journal 06/08/1915)

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Rd)

Houldey Edward Sam

Bath Rd Stroud. Enlisted – Stroud Journal 16/04/1915

Hunt William W.

Bath Rd. Enlisted. Gloucester Royal Field Artillery. (Stroud Journal 11/06/1915)


Stroud Journal 25/02/1917

Lieut. Hunt of Rodborough Avenue, and late of Messrs. Dudbridge & Sons was home, not yet demobilised, as his technical services are too valuable at the present time to allow him to be released early on.

Huxford Joseph Henry

1918 absent voter (North Lightpill)