Cambridge Frederick

Serving with Royal Engineers 1914-15(Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Cave Gilbert

Signed up 26/10/1914. Married Alice Roberts only daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Roberts, Butterrow. (Stroud News 17/12/15)

Awarded Military Medal. Stroud News 27/4/1917- Gunner Gilbert Cave of Butterrow was awarded the MM in France.

31/01/1917 Stroud Journal – Obituary to Mrs Ellen Roberts …son-in-law Gunner Gilbert Cave, who is in Salonika, was unable to attend the funeral

Chaloner George

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Chaloner George

1918 absent voter (Kingscourt)

Chandler H.W.

Chandler H.W.

Staff Quartermaster-Sergt HW Chandler, A.S.C.N of Rodborough was gazetted Second-Lieutenant. (Stroud News Feb 2nd 1917)

1918 absent voter (The Highlands)

Kelly’s directory 1919 – Herbert William Chandler, Highlands, Rodborough Hill

1930s directory- Chandler HW, Highlands  Rodborough Hill

1935 – Herston G Chandler son of Mr & Mrs HW Chandler of Highlands, Rodborough Hill married at Bath

Chandler E.W.

Listed as serving 28/05/1915 Stroud News


Chandler Reaan Neville

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Chandler Stan

Stroud Journal 14/03/1919 – Tomorrow the Iron men are playing Stonehouse discharged Soldiers and sailors at Stonehouse. both sides possess a Military MedallistJoe Bailey for Stonehouse and Stan Chandler for Dudbridge

Chandler William

Spillmans Rd Enlisted at Stroud, Reserve (Stroud News & Journal  19/11/1915)

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Rd)

Chappell John George

Bagpath. Enlisted18/1/1915. Wounded in action March 1917

1918 absent voter (Bagpath)

Chapman Arthur

Attested 5/4/1917. Vale Terrace, Dudbridge. Died 1923 aged 46

Chester Fred

Enlisted (Stroud News 18/81916)

Clark Cecil Morton

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Pitch)

Clark Edward

1918 absent voter (Kitesnest Lane)

Clark Jimmy

of Rodborough home on leave Joined R.N.A.S six months ago and is stationed at London in an aircraft factory on a lathe He is just the chap for the Life Guards, seeing that he is 6ft 3ins He was quite a favourite with the ladies at Daniels’ works (Stroud Journal 16/08/1918)

Clark Sidney

1918 absent voter (The Butts)

Clark S.G.

Serving with ASC 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Clark William Henry

1918 absent voter (The Butts)

Clark William

Listed as serving 28/5/1915 (Stroud News)

Clarke Henry Lynhurst

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Clayfield A.E.

Listed as serving 1915 (Stroud News)


Clayfield E.F.

Listed as serving 1915 (Stroud News)

Clift George Herbert William

1918 absent voter (Southfield)

Close Charles Alfred

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Close F.A.

Mrs Close of Severn View Cottage, LittleLondon was officailly informed that her husband Sergt. F.A. Close. Glos. Regt. has been posted as missing. He joined the army three years ago. (Stroud Journal 31/05/1918)

Close F.F.

Listed as serving 1915 (Stroud News)

Close Henry Alfred

Butterrow. Listed as serving (Stroud News 3/12/15)

1918 absent voter (Court Bank)

Close H.E.

Listed as serving 1915 (Stroud News)

Close Henry Walter

1918 absent voter (Court Bank)

Cockell Henry

1918 absent voter (Tabernacle Walk)

Cockett Stanley Beauchamp

Serving with ASC 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Brother of Edward on Rodborough’s war memorial.

Stroud News 15/12/1916, With the Colours – Mr E.J.G. Cockett, the Customs & Excise Officer of Stroud, who lives at Gwyndyr, Bath Rd, Rodborough has lost one son Lieut E. Cockett of the Gloucesters and I regret to learn that another son Sergt S. Cockett of the same regiment has been very severely wounded in the legs, so badly that grave doubts are entertained about the recovery of the full use of his limbs. Both boys were of sterling character and robust physique. They were at Marling School where they made good and on leaving had entered upon business careers with every augury for success. Their old school fellows regret to learn the truth, but there are at Marling School further soldiers in the making, boys who when they are old enough, will take their place in the Army & navy. The school Cadet Corps has done and is doing well and the £100 still required for the working of it should be forthcoming. Certain it is the money will be well laid out and will reap interest ten fold. The school’s roll of honour increase as witness to this term’s management in which appear the names of many brave Old Marlingtonians, some of whom have lain down their lives and others wounded in their country’s cause.

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Corbett Albert William

1918 absent voter (Field Rd)

Cox G.C.W.

Rodborough. Enlisted at Stroud (Stroud News 3/12/1915)

Cook A.T.

Listed as serving (Stroud News 3/12/15)

Cook Aubrey J.

Stroud News 7/1/1916 – Gazetted 2nd Lieut 3/6th Btn Sherwood Foresters. Has been assistant clerk to the Chesterfield County magistrates, formerly a clerk to Mr R.C Davies of Rowcroft (Clerk to county magistrates) Attended Rodborough School. son of Mr HA Cook of Rodborough.

1901 census – Butterrow, father Arthur Cook, Aubrey aged 13.  – solicitors clerk

Cooke Charles Daniel

1918 absent voter (The Butts)

Cooke Herbert

Bath Rd

Cooper Edgar

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Cooper Edward Victor Brodie

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Cooper George Ford

South Lightpill. Enlisted 17/2/17

Collect Walter

Listed as serving 28/5/1915 (Stroud News)

Constance B.

Lightpill. royal Engineers. last wounded soldier to be discharged from Stroud Hospital. (see press article)

Cordwell Harold P.

Rodborough. Enlisted Reserves 26/11/1915

Cripps William Henry

Butterrow. Enlisted 29/11/1915

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Crockett Robert

Colour- Sergeant. 1st Glos. Serving 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Crook Archie Benjamin

1918 absent voter (Montserratt)

Crook William

Serving National Reserves 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Cross H.W.

Serving National Reserves 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Crosswell Charles

Swells Hill. Attested 9/12/1915

Cull Walter Henry

1918 absent voter (Hillside, Rodborough Hill)

Cull Thomas Bishop

1918 absent voter (South Lightpill)

Cull William Strange

Of Lightpill. Enlisted at Gloucester (Stroud Journal 10/09/1915)

Died in 1927 due to war related injuries.