Daniels Arthur

Rodborough. Fitter. Enlisted Sept 1194 aged 31

Daniels Nelson

Stroud Journal 10/01/1919 – Son of Mr Daniels of Rodborough Court Lodge. Rugby player. He was at the outbreak in the educational profession in Austria, just near Germanys borders and from then on neither his family nor he heard the very least of each others existence. He was treated very well at first but is now suffering visibly from the effects of the wretched food and conditions he has had to put up with. He was one of the finest athletes trained locally and distinguished himself athletically as well as scholastically at Rodborough School and Marling.

Darke Clarence Henry

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

David Thomas Earle

Listed as serving 28/5/1915 (Stroud News)

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Davies Alfred James

Kitesnest Lane, Lightpill. telephone engineer. Enlisted 1916 aged 24

Davis AE

Serving ASC 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Davis Alfred James

1918 absent voter (South Lightpill)

Davis Dennis Cecil

1918 absent voter (Middle Spillmans)

Davis Edgar Bernard

Fern Cottage, Spillmans Rd, Rodborough. wool dyer. Enlisted 29th Aug 1916

Aged 24. Hospitalised Gas shell may- July 1918. 1929 letter from Upper Cashes Green,   Married, had developed pulmonary TB

This is the same address (Fern Cottage) as H.C Nicholls on war memorial

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Davis Edward James

Spillmans Rd. Enlisted – 5th Glos- Stroud Journal 16/04/1915

Davis Frank

Ex Kingscourt School. 2/5th Glos.DCM. Mentioned in school log books. Attended ‘breaking up entertainment’ Kingscourt School … one of the ‘old boys’ just home from the front. (Stroud News 24/12/15)

A very respected man. His house was called ‘Vermand’. Died 1940s (anecdotal)

Davis Frederick Walter.

Enlisted. Wiltshire Regt. 28/5/1915 (Stroud Journal)

Davis Herbert Summersell

1918 absent voter (The Little House)

Davis Oscar Albert

Rodborough. Records on Ancestry.

Davis Richard Raymond

5th Glos Rgt

1918 absent voter (South Lightpill)

Davis T.H

2nd Grenadier Guards

Dawkins William Royd

1918 absent voter (Montserratt)

Day Albert

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Day Alfred Joseph William

1918 absent voter (Southfields)

Deakins Enos George

Serving St Johns Ambulance 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

1918 absent voter (Middle Spillmans)

Denton Arthur Daniel

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Dolphin Alfred William

Rodborough. Enlisted July 1916. Postman. Tractor driver Tank Corps. G.S.W to R arm 1917. Returned to duty

Donally Arthur Cyril

Enlisted RAMC – Stroud Journal 03/02/1915

Serving A.C. Glos Rgt 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

Dowdeswell Joseph Herbert

1918 absent voter (The Butts)

Downing Clifford Lionel

Stroud Journal 04/04/1919

Second-Lieut. C.L.Downing, eldest son of Mr W.G.Downing of Graiglands, Rodborough Avenue, Stroud, who enlisted as a ranker before he reached military age has been advance to the rank of Lieut. He is an old Wycliffian and whilst serving in France, he was wounded in the thigh.

Dromgole Edgar Linton

1918 absent voter (Rodborough Lane)

Dunn Joe

Serving 2nd Grenadier Guards 1914-15 (Stroud and The Great War, published by Stroud News 1920)

(Joseph) 1918 absent voter (The Butts)

Durling Ennis

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Pitch)

Durn Frank

1918 absent voter (Court Bank)