Lane Evelyn Leslie

Brother of H.C Lane on war memorial

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd)

Laver A.M.

Lawrence  Alfred John

1918 absent voter (North Lightpill)

Lawrence Charles William

1918 absent voter (Bowl Hill)

Lawson James

Stroud News 13/08/1915 Births Aug 10th at the Prince Albert Hotel. To Mr & Mrs. James Lawson a daughter.

Stroud News 10/11/1916 With the Colours. Mr James Lawson responds to his countrys call on Friday. He is getting on for forty, but he is not new to soldiering so the work will not come quite as hard to him as it undoubtedly would to some others of his age. For some years now he has been the congenial licensee of the Prince Albert Hotel at Rodborough and throughout the county he has made a name as a votary of the in the old game of bowls. He was responsible for the upkeep of the Prince Albert green and for the attention he devoted to it, he was paid a hundred times over by the congratulations he received from the members of the club and visitors from all parts. On Thursday he will be the guest at a concert held by the hotel for the purpose of enabling his friends to wish him adieu and a safe and early return.

Stroud News 17/11/1916 With the Colours. Mr James Lawson of the Prince Albert hotel Rodborough left for service with the …this morning (Friday). Last evening at a social gathering held at the hotel, his customers and friends made him the presentation of a useful little gift in remembrance of old associations.

Stroud News 19/01/1917 …..his bowling club colleagues and others predicted that once he had got into his stride (his friends will recognise the double meaning) he would not be long getting the stripes up to use commonplace parlance. He is attached to the Norfolks and has just been given the Lance Corporals distinguishing ribbon

Stroud Journal 10/01/1919 Saw mine host Lawson of the Prince Albert home on leave and carrying three neat little rum jars which looked comfortably full and which he was carefully guarding in order to take them back to the boys when he went back to duty. It ought not to be long now before he is home as a permanency.

Stroud Journal 14/03/1919 Jim Lawson of the popular bowling green at the Prince Albert is still of the military police and is at a demobilisation office he is getting no luck at securing his own ticket. He had better hurry up of his beloved bowling green will shortly be screaming out for his carefully tending hand.

Lennox Frederick

Lewis Albert William

1918 absent voter (Bowl Hill)

Lewis John William

1918 absent voter (Bowl Hill)

Lippett Lionel Morton

1918 absent voter (5 Bath Road Terrace)

Lloyd Albert George

1918 absent voter (Gastrells)

Lodge Wilfred

Long C.E.

Loveday Harold

Loveday S

Sydney Loveday attended Kingscourt School ( logs books Gloucestershire Archives)

Lockyer Eric George

b 1894 (Imperial War Museum – Lives of the First World War)

Lucas Albert Edward

1918 absent voter (Butterrow)

Lucas Bert

Brother of Percy on war memorial

Lucas Frank H

(awarded DCM) brother of Percy (war memorial)

Lucas F

Lusty Albert Nathaniel

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Pitch)

Lusty Reginald George Lewis

1918 absent voter (Middle Spillmans)