Mabett C.C

Marks Percy Albert

Marmont Arthur

Stroud News 26/1/1917 With the Colours. Mr Arthur Marmont of Rodborough for some time manager of the wine & spirit dept of the Stroud Brewery is in the Army Service Corps and has been visiting his friends this week. He looks very fit.

Marmonts Reginald

Merrett Arthur Edward

Merretts F.G

Mills Ernest

Stroud Journal 31/01/1917 Ernest Mills R.A.M.C. and of Clare Villas, Bath Rd, is, or was, at Handback and having a soft time, but nevertheless keen on getting home. He has a fine promising family to come back to, so it is of no wonder that he is anxious to join the fast increasing demobs.

Stroud Journal 07/03/1919 Bad news of Ernest Mills… came through from France to say he was seriously ill with pneumonia, etc. This news came through from the authorities, as evidently Ernest was too ill to writehimself. Naturally this was a shock to his charming young wife and his parents, but we are glad to say that some days later news came through that he is out of danger.

Mills Herbert P

Mitchell James Emmanuel

Of Kingscourt. Enlisted with the Gloucestershire Regiment in December 1914. Discharged as ‘no longer physically fit for war service’ in 1916 after sustaining extensive gunshot wounds in France. in 1919 he married a war widow in Rodborough.

Moody Harry M.P