Ralph G. W

Pte … of Rodborough and Messrs. Towsend & Co.. who is in the 7th Gloucesters “Messup,” … says “… thank you one and all for the fags posted 24th April, just received. We were getting short … There is nothing like a Blighty fag. Johnny Turk cannot beat us as long as we have a smoke. We are having it very hot, plenty of dust and whirlwinds and mosquitos at night. Talk about the land of milk and honey, you can’t whack it. all the same, I should like to be out of it”. (Stroud Journal 26/09/1918)

George William … 1918 absent voters (Spillmans Rd)

Read Kenmuir Harry

1918 absent voters (Rodborough Avenue)

Restall Harry Herbert

1918 absent voters (Spillmans Rd)

Richards Brindley

Robert HW

Roberts Albert Joseph

Enlisted RAMC – Stroud Journal 03/02/1915

Roberts Frederick Augustus

1918 absent voter (Gastrells)

Roberts Harry Nathaniel

1918 absent voter (Gastrells)

Roberts Owen James

1918 absent voter (Gastrells)

Robbins E

Mentioned in Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic 28.11.1914. Private 1st Gloucesters. Wounded 23.10.1914, now in a Scottish Hospital.

Ross Henri William

Rowan Frederick Douglas

1918 absent voters (Rodborough Avenue)

Rowell E.J.

Stroud Journal 04/04/1919 …son of Mr Jno. Rowell, Lynfield, Frome Park Rd (managing clerk to Messrs. Little & Bloxam, solicitors)recently demobilised, has established himself in practice as an auctioneer, with temporary offices at 1 King St Parade. He was educated at Taunton School and served his articles as an auctioneer and estate agent with Mr A.B. sanders of Exteter…Mr E.J. Rowell is an associate of the Auctioneers Institute and he joined the army in 1915, at which time he was about military age. He was given his commission in the Royal Garrison Artillery, with which he served in Gibraltar from September 1915 to December 1917, he proceeded to France in March 1918. He was very popular with officers and men.


Mentioned in Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic 17.03.1917. Sergeant, British Columbia Regt. Wounded twice Feb & Oct 1916

Ruck Arthur Henry

1918 absent voters (Spillmans Rd)