Sandling Jimmy

Stroud Journal 11/03/1919

Met Jimmy Sandling of Dudbridge wicker fame, home from the R.A.F., and very glad to be out of it and into free civvy life once more. He owned he was happier doing 12 to 14 hours work a day at his own job than doing nothing in the army.

Sandling Samuel

Shillam A.G

Sims Albert Edward

Simmonds George

Sinfield Arthur

Smith Arthur

Smith H

Smith Raymond Herbert

Smith Reginald Russell

Smith W

Solomon Harold

Stroud Journal 28/03/1919

.. of Bath Rd is now demob. From abroad and his younger brother, Walter is still in the army of occupation.

Solomon Walter

See above

Spicer R.T

Stevens Jack

Stroud Journal 14/03/1919

Pte Jack Stevens son of Mrs Stevens of Kingscourt is home on leave from doing his whack at guarding the Rhine.

Stephens S

Mentioned in Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic 06.03.1915. Private 1st Gloucesters. From Kingscourt. Wounded at Mons and Ypres 30.11.1914.

Stockwell Jack Frederick

Of Bath Road, attended Rodborough School, an employee of the Stroud News, who reported that “His enthusiasm for war has been a bit of a worry to his employers and parents”. Jack joined the colours at a very early stage of the conflict and it was only when he was down for a draft that it was discovered he was underage. In August 1918, he legally joined the Navy and the Stroud News wished him good luck “despite the turmoil he caused in this office by his patriotic fervour”!

Stevens Ernest

Sutton Percy George

Simmonds Thomas

Swaby H