Adams William Henry


Aldridge Albert Victor

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd).


Aldridge Charles Hayel

Stroud News 28/5/1915

Rodborough men in the Forces

1918 absent voter (Spillmans Rd).


Aldridge Harry

Stroud Journal 20/11/1914

… A.S.C has served 2 with the colours and 10 years in the reserve. He received his recall to the colours at Port Bruton, South Australia, where he lives and is now on his way to this country. Of Swells Hill one of three serving sons of William.


Aldridge Maurice

Stroud News 28/5/1915

Rodborough men in the Forces

 Stroud Journal 20/11/1914.

He has been in training at Chelmsford and is expecting very soon to go to the front. Of Swells Hill one of three serving sons of William. Enlisted in the 5th Glos about 6 months ago.

Butterrow School log book, Jan 1915 – ‘Old boy’ visited school.


 Aldridge Walter

Stroud Journal 20/11/1914

Private … He recently enlisted at Chester and is a driver in the garrison Artillery. He is now in training at Great Yarmouth. Of Swells Hill one of three serving sons of William.


Allard / Allord Raymond Ernest

Stroud News and Journal 19/11/1915

Enlisted. Reserve. Rodborough


Apperley J. Dennis

Stroud News 7/7/1916

Of Frome Park Rd. Grouped up

Stroud News 4/8/1916

Training with the Royal Berkshire Rgt. not far from Portsmouth, so it is a prospect of the brothers meeting occasionally… Chief cashier and secretary of Messrs Townsend & Co of Stratford Mills. Popular entertainer, member of Conservative Club, arranged the programme and acted as accompanist.

Stroud News 1/9/1916

Writing to his friend Mr Harry Nicholls of Bath Rd, Mr Dennis Apperley of the Berks is in characteristically happy vein. He addresses his ‘dear friend and neighbour’ from Portsmouth and his communication is one of the cheeriest of the many cheery soldiers’ letters it has been my pleasure to receive

Stroud Journal 09/2/1917

… A clerk in the staff office at Portsmouth with the Royal Berks Regt.

Stroud Journal 17/1/1919

Others of the demobilised include Dennis Apperley, already busy back at Messrs. Townsend & Co’s.


Apperley Harold

Stroud News 7/7/1916,

Engine Room Artificer in the Navy

Brother of Dennis and Hollis


Apperley Hollis

Stroud News 13/10/1916

Hollis Apperley E.R.A. R.N. had the pleasure of meeting his brother Dennis of the Royal Berks during the weekend. They both looked as fit as fiddles and are doing well in the sister services.

Stroud Journal 09/2/1917

on a torpedo boat destroyer …

1918 absent voter (Frome Park Rd).


Apperley James

Stroud and The Great War published by Stroud News 1920

Serving with 5th Glos Rgt.

Attended Kingscourt School (Log books Gloucestershire Archives)


Apperly Ernest Pace

Wycliffe and the War, published 1923

Commissioned Lieut. R.E. Capt. July 1916 Western Front. May 1916.


Arthurs Albert Baker

1918 absent voter (Fircroft).


Artus Owen Leslie

Stroud News 23/2/1917

Pte. Owen Artus second son of Mr S. Artus of Bath Rd, Rodborough is in the 13th Devonshire Regt. and stationed at Plymouth he has just returned to his depot after 72 hours’ leave and he is expecting to proceed to France. Before he joined up three weeks ago was a clerk in the office of Messrs. Little and Whittingham. He has acquired height and weight and looks all a good soldier. A Rodborian by birth and association, he did well at school and was a chorister at Rodborough Church. Although very young, he may be relied upon to do all that is required of him in the Army.

1918 absent voter (Bath Rd).


Ashmead Edwin

1918 absent voter (Rooksgrove).


Axford Francis Albert

Stroud News 15/9/1916. Military Tribunals.

Age 39. Married cowman and milk seller was appealed for by his employer, Frederick Thomas James of St Ringers Farm, Rodborough who said further withdrawal of labour from the farm would seriously affect its productiveness. He had lost 3 young men and his only son was in active service at the front with the Yeomanry. There was 20 cows in milk and the farm was 80 acres in extent, including 10 acres arable. There were 3 other men on the farm, but this was the only one who knew anything about cows or the milk business.

Lieut. Wood said they could not afford to lose a man like this. Taking the average of farms in the country, there was more labour on this farm than on most farms of its acreage. The appeal was refused.

1911 census: lived at Hawarden Cottage, The Butts


Ayers family

Stroud and The Great War published by Stroud News 1920

It was stated that Mr & Mrs Ayers (James R. & Annie) of Butterrow had six sons serving in the army

Press report says 10 boys. 1911 census 11 children

Lived at The Laurels, Butterrow

A 1930s directory lists Ayers J.R at Butterrow.

Ayers Albert Thomas

A former warehouseman, he was aged 40 in 1919.

Stroud News 30/6/1916.

Attested but retained at his civilian work for a few months. One brother not yet in uniform.

Dept manager woollen goods

Stroud Journal 03/1/1919.

Has been hospital with an injured knee, sustained while playing football in France. Now moved from Boulogne to Glasgow.

Stroud Journal 10/01/1919

Though sorry that Bert Ayers should have been so badly incapacitated with his knee, yet we are glad to see that this real sport is now back in Blighty, and we trust his stay here now will be a permanency. But why on earth send a man who lives in the South to a hospital in Glasgow. It seems absolute pig-headedness on the part of the authorities.

 Stroud Journal 04/04/1919

Bert Ayers lately demobilised from the army & still limping…..Bert and his many brothers, we cannot be quite sure of their number, are a truly fortunate lot, in so far as they are one of the few families who have come through this war without the loss of one of them. And this is not because they have had soft snips, or been existing on home service or at the base. Each one of them…has been up the line nearly all the time…in the front-line fighting units in the trenches…

Ayers Alfred John (Jack)

9th Worcs. Rgt.

Stroud News 3/11/1916

Bob & Monty Ayers sons of Mr & Mrs Ayers of Butterrow have written to their brother Jack who was brought back from the trenches to work on munitions on which he was employed before war broke out. They are both in the pink of condition though somewhat weary, a very natural position

Ayers Arthur

4th Hussars

Ayers Robert George (Bob)

Stroud News 30/6/1916 Ayers Bob

Home from France where has been since Oct last. In 49th Canadian division. Emigrated to Canada 5-6 yrs ago. Farming. One of 5 soldier sons of Mr & Mrs Ayers of Butterrow, who also have 2 sons-in-law serving.

Stroud News 3/11/1916

Bob & Monty Ayers sons of Mr & Mrs Ayers of Butterrow have written to their brother Jack who was brought back from the trenches to work on munitions on which  he was employed before war broke out. They are both in the pink of condition though somewhat weary, a very natural position.

Stroud Journal 04/04/1919

Marriages: March 20th (1919) at Stroud Parish Church(by special license) Robert George Ayers, 49th Canadians, fifth son of James Richard Ayers & Mrs Ayers, he Laurels, Butterrow, Nr Stroud, to Myrtle Trixie Tessible, second daughter of George & Olivia Osborne of Osborne House, Tower Hill, Stroud.

Ayers Harry

No military references yet found

Ayers Frederick

No military references yet found

Ayers Montague Thomas (Monty)

10th Royal Fusiliers. Sergeant.

Stroud News 5/1/1917

Monty Ayers Corporal Royal Fusiliers, home on sick leave. Has been in France for about18 months. Previously engaged in engineering with Messrs Waller & Co of the Pheonix Ironworks at the Thrupp.

Ayers Walter Charles

Stroud News 10/11/1916: With the Colours

I was pleased to welcome Mr Water Ayers, stationed at Plymouth, one of several soldier sons of Mr & Mrs Ayers of the Butterrow, Stroud. He has been in the army for five months and this is his first leave: he might have come home some months ago, but when relief was convenient he was unable to take advantage of it because he was in training in Ireland. Walter is a fine specimen of a gritty soldier and in the Royal Garrison Artillery he cannot fail to be of great value. Through the examination as a signaller telegraphist and telephonist he came out with honours and is very keen on his work. Of course, the experience he gained while employed at the Stroud General Post Office, served him in good stead. He now sports the crossed flags and the laurel wreath with the letter T inset. Three or four of his brothers I am not sure of the number are on active service, two in France. The Ayers brothers are good fighters. Walter Ayers was grieved to learn of the passing of his Post Office colleague Walter Jones. He will get to rub shoulders with Maurice Halliday who went to Bristol on Friday and has been attached to the RGA at Plymouth.

Walter was wounded in the lungs.

Died 1st Jan 1925, leaving widow and baby.